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A Comprehensive Guide: Assisted Living For Adults Who Are Blind

In life, circumstances sometimes demand that we adapt to unexpected changes. For visually impaired adults contemplating assisted living, this guide serves as a beacon, illuminating the path forward and aiding in making well-informed decisions regarding this significant transition.   Assessing the Need for Assisted Living   Before diving into the specifics, it is crucial to recognize the…

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Enhancing Senior Safety: SafelyYou Technology at Bergen Gardens Senior Living Community

The journey of aging comes with its own set of challenges, with falls being a major concern among seniors. In the pursuit of creating a safer and more secure environment for senior residents, innovative solutions like SafelyYou Respond™ have emerged. At Bergen Gardens Senior Living Community, the integration of this cutting-edge AI video technology has…

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Empowering Seniors to Live Life on Their Own Terms

Interviewer (00:05) Good Morning! It is a beautiful day at Bergen Gardens. I'm very pleased to be joined by a few of their lovely staff who've joined us for a segment this morning. Lisa Martens, their Executive Director, and Jackie Dawkins, their Life Enrichment Director. Ladies, thank you both for your time on the show…

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Innovative Winnipeg Assisted-Living Facility Launches New Website

WINNIPEG, MB:  Bergen Gardens, a unique assisted living facility located at 1475 Molson Street in Winnipeg’s North Kildonan neighbourhood, is celebrating the launch of its new website.  In addition to helping visitors find and navigate information about the facility more easily, the website has been thoughtfully designed to highlight the creativity, choice, and well-being that…

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Guide: How To Find The Best-Assisted Living Community For The Elderly

As our loved ones age, ensuring that their well-being and quality of life are positively maintained become top priorities. For many seniors, transitioning to an assisted living community can provide the support and care they need while maintaining a sense of independence. Assisted living facilities, also known as assisted living communities, offer a range of…

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Bergen Gardens featured in Awards Magazine

Bergen Gardens was recently featured in Award magazine, the definitive information source for Canadian architecture, design, and construction. This recognition highlights our commitment to exceptional design and service in assisted living in Winnipeg. Click here to view the article: Award September 2022 – Bergen Gardens

Edison Properties is excited to announce Bergen Gardens

A Familiar name for Edison Properties' Memory Care and Assisted Living Project Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada (August 18, 2021) Edison Properties is excited to announce the name of its newest development at 1475 Molson St. in  North Kidonan… Read more! We are proud to provide assisted living in Winnipeg and specialized memory care services at our…

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Memory Care facility in the works

Memory care facility in the works Edison Properties plans specialized home for seniors with cognition problems Winnipeg apartment developer Edison Properties is preparing to enter the elder care business, planning an assisted-living facility for seniors, with a special unit for those who have cogition-imparied conditions such as Alzheimer's's disease… Read more We are proud to…

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