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Frequently Asked Questions About the Cottages

Frequently Asked Questions About the Cottages

Is it expensive to live at Bergen Gardens?

Any home costs money: what sets us apart is the value you'll get in return. Besides leaving behind property taxes, utilities and home maintenance costs, your accommodation includes access to many on site amenities (so nice in winter!), dining options and personalized services to assist in maintaining your health and wellness. It also means your hard-earned money will be spent on something even more valuable peace-of-mind. Just hit the Contact Us button to speak to someone about what your costs may be.

Will I have to give up my independence?

Quite the opposite! We value your freedom of choice we want to support your personal wellness plan choices; you are firmly in control. We believe you should continue to experience life on your own terms.

If I have physical challenges is Bergen Gardens accessible and safe for me?

Bergen Gardens was designed with everyone in mind regardless of age or ability. Each suite is designed with wider doorways, seamless transitions between flooring types, fully accessible washrooms with safety bars and a walk-in shower with a sturdy bench, just to name a few. The built-in closets have height adjustable bars to reach from sitting with lights that go on automatically to help you see what is inside.

How does Communal Living at Bergen Gardens work?

Each Cottage has twelve independent bedrooms with their own bathroom. Each bedroom is 285 square feet and is fully accessible by wheelchair, walker or any other assistive device. Tenants will have the privacy of their bedroom suite and will share the rest of the Cottage with the other tenants. Each Cottage has its own fully operational kitchen where all meals are home cooked. In between mealtimes the kitchens are available for coffee, tea, or snacks, if one desires. The Cottages have their own laundry room at the end of the hall where tenants are welcome to do their own laundry if preferred. The Cottages have their own TV room, Activity Room, 3-Season Sunroom, and Sitting Room. Tenants have access to these spaces 24 hours a day.

Can I have out of town guests stay overnight?

Nothing would be more welcome. We have a lovely offering of two (2) different Bed and Breakfast suites, the Prairie Crocus Room or the Marigold Suite. You can easily reserve one of our rooms for the night with our app, pending suite availability and its easy to book extra meal(s) if you want to dine together.

What kinds of meal options can I expect at Bergen Gardens?

You'll never run out of choice at Bergen Gardens. During your regular Neighbourhood Meetings you'll share your meal preferences to ensure your culinary needs are always met. Meals will be served in the Dining Room in the Cottage by our staff. If you wish to dine with company you can reserve a table in the Heartwood Dining Room.

Do you offer parking for me or my visitors?

Bergen Gardens is pleased to offer underground parking for those who wish to park their vehicle indoors and can be added to your package when you move into Bergen Gardens. Contact us for more information on availability and pricing. There are designated above ground visitor spaces, accessible spots (your permit tag must be displayed) as well as some limited street parking on Molson.

This information is subject to change as the project unfolds. Watch for information sessions that will be offered as we get closer to opening.