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Person-Directed Care Leads the Way at Bergen Gardens

Person-Directed Care Leads the Way at Bergen Gardens

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Bergen Gardens employs a citizenship model that empowers the elderly and focuses on person-directed care which builds community, making it a special place to live, visit and work.  Like other life stages, years lived as a senior should be an opportunity for continued growth and development—a time to be creative, resourceful and reach new goals.


Seniors are treated as whole people who are encouraged to continue living meaningful lives. With a holistic approach, we focus on seven dimensions of wellness including:

1. Psychological

2. Intellectual

3. Social

4. Spiritual

5. Physical

6. Occupational

7. Environmental

Person-directed care encompasses the activities and services planned and encouraged according to each person’s personal preferences and values. This approach honors

each senior’s choice, dignity, and individuality, which enhances both quality of care and life for seniors.


“Our entire citizenship model focuses on the health and wellness of the whole person and allows individuals to make choices about their own life and how they want to be cared for,” says Lisa Marten, Executive Director of Bergen Gardens. “Everyone living here has a say and discusses how they want to live together as a community.”


Staff regularly meet with tenants to discuss things such as meal planning, activities and projects and goals they want to achieve. Mentors help elders support their goals and dreams, whatever that might be.


“We have the ability to support any dreams or goals that our members may want to accomplish,” says Lisa. “Each and every member is viewed as their own person, and we help facilitate discussion that builds consensus and compromise so that the group can achieve new goals. We also make sure that no one gets left behind, and that those living with disabilities can participate.”


Groups of elders may share in common a desire to connect with young people. Together they would discuss the project and the Mentor would outline ways that Bergen Gardens could facilitate that project. The Mentor would reach out to a nearby school, and together, they would discuss what a joint project might look like. Individually, an elder may wish to ride a horse or spend time on a farm, and the Mentor can present options for how to do that safely.


Also, as conflict is inevitable in a community setting, Mentors proactively open discussions to talk about how the group would like to settle their differences. Everyone is considered equal and everyone’s voice is heard. Bergen Gardens is committed to destigmatizing aging and humanizing care through the creation of a non-institutionalized community that empowers those who live and work in them.


We are proud to provide assisted living in Winnipeg here at Bergen Gardens.


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