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Enhancing Senior Safety: SafelyYou Technology at Bergen Gardens Senior Living Community - Bergen Gardens Blog

Enhancing Senior Safety: SafelyYou Technology at Bergen Gardens Senior Living Community

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The journey of aging comes with its own set of challenges, with falls being a major concern among seniors. In the pursuit of creating a safer and more secure environment for senior residents, innovative solutions like SafelyYou Respond™ have emerged. At Bergen Gardens Senior Living Community, the integration of this cutting-edge AI video technology has not only reduced the risk of falls but has also transformed the way residents and their families experience peace of mind and quality care. 

SafelyYou Respond™: A Revolutionary Leap in Fall Prevention 

In an era where technology is rapidly advancing, SafelyYou Respond™ stands out as a beacon of innovation in the senior care landscape. This world-leading AI video technology has been designed to do more than just detect falls – it proactively helps prevent them. With an astounding accuracy rate of over 99% in detecting on-the-ground events, this technology offers a new level of security for seniors residing at Bergen Gardens.  

The Core Benefits 

  • Reducing Falls, Enhancing Safety: The foremost benefit of SafelyYou Respond™ is its substantial contribution to fall prevention. Falls are a leading cause of injuries among seniors, often leading to a decline in overall health and a reduced sense of independence.  

  • Minimizing Fall-Related ER Visits: Alongside reducing the frequency of falls, SafelyYou Respond™ has also significantly cut down on fall-related emergency room visits. The technology's ability to identify potential fall incidents and alert caregivers promptly has led to an astonishing reduction of up to 80% in these ER visits. This not only eases the burden on medical resources but also ensures that residents receive timely and appropriate care within the community itself. 

  • Peace of Mind for Families:  SafelyYou Respond™ offers an added layer of reassurance by providing families with real-time updates and alerts in case of any fall-related incidents. This transparency fosters a sense of trust between the community and residents' families, creating a collaborative and caring environment. 

  • Financial and Operational Benefits: The integration of SafelyYou Respond™ goes beyond enhancing resident safety; it also brings about financial benefits. By averting move-outs due to fall-related concerns and fostering a safer living environment, Bergen Gardens and similar communities can potentially save up to $175,000 annually. These savings can be reinvested in further improving the overall quality of care and amenities offered to the residents. 

Transforming Senior Living at Bergen Gardens 

The success of SafelyYou Respond™ at Bergen Gardens Senior Living Community is a testament to the positive impact of innovative technology in the field of senior care. By prioritizing the safety and well-being of its residents, the community has not only improved the quality of life for its senior population but has also set a benchmark for other senior living communities to follow suit. 

The Implementation Process 

The integration of SafelyYou Respond™ into the daily operations at Bergen Gardens was a meticulous process aimed at ensuring seamless functionality and maximum benefits. The technology involves strategically placed AI-equipped cameras that are trained to detect falls and similar events accurately. These cameras operate unobtrusively, respecting residents' privacy while actively monitoring for potential fall incidents. 

Upon detection of an event, the AI system promptly alerts the caregiving staff, enabling them to respond promptly. This swift response time significantly reduces the chances of complications arising from falls and minimizes the need for emergency interventions. 

SafelyYou Respond™ has ushered in a new era of senior care, redefining how senior living communities like assisted living in Winnipeg approach fall prevention and resident safety. Its implementation at Bergen Gardens Senior Living Community showcases its potential to revolutionize the way seniors experience their golden years. With its ability to prevent falls, reduce ER visits, provide peace of mind to families, and offer substantial financial benefits, this AI technology stands as a shining example of how innovation can transform the lives of seniors for the better. As technology continues to evolve, we can only anticipate further advancements that will continue to enhance the quality of care provided in senior living communities like Bergen Gardens. 



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