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Responding to Covid-19

We have your safety at the top of our priority list, especially since the COVID-19 virus continues to be a threat to Manitobans and more seriously to the seniors in our community.
The following safety protocols will be in place:

  • Bergen Gardens will follow the guidance of the public health orders at time of opening regarding COVID-19 precautions suggested for staff, guests and tenants.
  • We will monitor the health and wellbeing of those moving in, starting work at or visiting, via screening at the front door of the building and restrict those who are unwell from entering the building.
  • Visitor’s names and contact information will be collected in the event of an outbreak and need for contact tracing.
  • An in-depth sanitizing and disinfecting schedule will be in place for all areas of the building including high touchpoint surfaces, items, laundry/linens, and equipment, with staff specially trained and audited to create a safe environment.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be available for staff, guests and tenants in many locations around the building. Hand sanitizing training and use audits will be emphasized for everyone at Bergen Gardens to keep each other safe.
  • We will take staggered appointments for services and limit group sizes for events to avoid a large volume of people in our communal areas or at group programs at any given time, to facilitate physical distancing.
  • We will be allowing for additional time between service appointments and programs to ensure our team is able to maintain proper cleaning and sanitizing standards of the devices/activity areas/treatment room(s) between clients.
  • Bergen Gardens is equipped with a high-quality air filtration system that makes air cleaner, fresher and more comfortable. Stale indoor air is constantly refreshed with outdoor air, passing through special corrugated plates. The process allows the incoming air to warm up in winter, and cool down in summer, and leaves everyone in the building with fresh air all year long.
  • We also have a dedicated air controlled visiting suite with exterior access that can be booked to ensure that visiting can continue with significant people in your life.
  • Still have a question? Contact our service team to speak to a nurse today!